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Dato Capital Spain Inmotec Sardinero S.L., Santander 39005 (Spain)
Dato Capital Panama Miletto Advisors S.A., Panamá (Panama)
Dato Capital Spain Gesmult S.L., Bailén 23710 (Spain)
Dato Capital United Kingdom Dachser Graveleau Limited, Nene Valley NN47BH (United Kingdom)
Dato Capital Panama Kilwa Investment S.A., Panamá (Panama)
Dato Capital United Kingdom William James PenneyDirector (1 Company) United Kingdom

Clients in more than 80 countries

 Dato Capital is a multinational leading company of business information services with clients in more than 80 countries. We provide business reports to all types of clients from individuals to large corporations, governments and financial institutions.

Absolute independence

 Our company consists solely of private equity. This allows us a total independence while delivering the most accurate and complete and uncompromising business information.

Executive reports

 Our renowned Executive reports include not only the names and job titles of individual employees in the company chronologically, but provides a wider view of his/her business interaction with the other existing executives at the time of the appointment. For directors with positions in several countries, we provide our International Executive report that combines data from different jurisdictions.

Big Data applied to company information

 We are a company with strong focus on technology, and we have the most advanced tools to offer the most current, up to date company information. Our great processing power allows us to process thousands of company data every second and to be fastest in listing newly formed companies every minute.

Geo-Location and Real Estate

 All of our data are geolocated in a precise way, in order to obtain company listings with the greatest detail, including available geographical references. This allows our users to browse our site and locate nearby companies, as close as the same street, and explore the business networks in all the countries we cover. In addition, we offer the Extended Land Registry Extract, a valued and professional real estate guidance about a property or land.

A single source of information

 The large number of information sources we combine along with the flexibility when downloading our reports and finally our emphasis on superior customer service make Dato Capital the definitive source for Company reports as well as for any other kind of trade or registry information for our thousands of clients.

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A member company of the Spanish Consumption Arbitration System, with code 413
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