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An advanced free tool that processes a document and scans for company and director names. The document can be entered as a URL or uploaded different formats such as HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, Text, etc... The system can also process images in multiple formats and perform Optical Character Recognition in them. Direct text entry is also supported. Matching of companies and directors is performed against a database of several million entities in multiple countries.


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Recent results

Country Name Type Source
United Kingdom United Kingdom Elizabeth Olsen Director https://mozusa.com/
Luxembourg Luxembourg New York Director https://mozusa.com/
United Kingdom United Kingdom ELON MUSK Director https://mozusa.com/
Norway Norway Solutions As Company https://mozusa.com/
United Kingdom United Kingdom WAQAS KHAN Director https://ovextech.com/
United Kingdom United Kingdom THE EXPERTS Director https://www.ecosio.com
Spain Spain VIA CLASSIC SOCIEDAD LIMITADA Company https://www.ecosio.com
United Kingdom United Kingdom ERIC STAUB Director https://www.ecosio.com
United Kingdom United Kingdom EUGENE COSTELLO Director https://ecc-eu.com/
Spain Spain CLAIM SA (EN LIQUIDACION) Company https://ecc-eu.com/
Spain Spain YOU AN Director https://www.starfishdrilling.com
Netherlands Netherlands Starfish Drilling B.V. Company https://www.starfishdrilling.com
Spain Spain LUNE SA Company https://www.justfab.es/home
Malta Malta Bridges Air Cargo Ltd. Company https://en.datocapital.com/Results/MUZ7UJ
United Kingdom United Kingdom DATO CAPITAL LTD Company https://www.datocapital.lu/companies/Sodalith-Sarl.html
United Kingdom United Kingdom UNDER LIMITED Company https://www.datocapital.lu/companies/Sodalith-Sarl.html
Luxembourg Luxembourg responsabilité limitée de droit luxembourgeois Director https://www.datocapital.lu/companies/Sodalith-Sarl.html
Luxembourg Luxembourg Sodalith S.à r.l. Company https://www.datocapital.lu/companies/Sodalith-Sarl.html
Luxembourg Luxembourg Las Condes Director https://www.wolfenson.cl
Luxembourg Luxembourg Las Condes Director https://www.wolfenson.cl
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