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What is Dato Capital?

Dato Capital is a database of private and public companies and directors. The database is updated in real time with information from company registers around the world and several other information sources to enhance and link data among different countries. Searches can be performed online and complete reports for each company or director can be downloaded from this website. When a report is requested the information is updated to deliver the most current data. View more information about Dato Capital

What is Dato Capital for?

Dato Capital is a system designed to save you time and money and minimify your risk in your investigations about fraud, Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Due Diligence. With a few clicks is possible to access information very difficult to obtain.

Where does the information come from?

The information comes from public records. These public records are extracted from company registers and other official publications. Phone numbers are supplied by phone service providers.

Who owns Dato Capital?

The parent company is NETAMO SYSTEMS SL, a private company incorporated in Spain

What does Dato Capital mean?

It means "Capital Data" or "Important Data" in Spanish. DATO CAPITAL is a registered trademark in Spain under number M3572595

Are the company or director notified when I request a report?

Absolutely not. We don't keep contact with any of the companies or directors shown in our website. Our customer privacy is very important for us.

I want to contact a company or director of your website

In general we don't have contact details for directors as this information is not public. Regarding companies we display contact information at the company profile, if it's not there it means there is no contact information. Another way to contact companies without contact details is download the full report or profile and then contact the Resident Agent of the company. Resident Agent information is available in every jurisdiction when this role exists.

How to download a company report

1 - Search the desired company

From the Dato Capital homepage, type the words of the company name in the main search input field. There is no need to type the company type. You can also type the Company number or VAT Number for the company.

Dato Capital Homepage Dato Capital Homepage

Press "Enter" or click "Search" to go to results page. In the results page, click the name of the desired company. If there are too many results you can filter by country using the dropdown country list. If there are no results, try using fewer words of the company name, or contact us, and we will help you to find the company.

Dato Capital Results Page Dato Capital Results Page

Once you have clicked the company name, you will be at the company profile. In this page, public and free data about the company are shown, and also a list of available reports for the company. Each company can have different available report types. Some companies don't have available reports, in this case contact us in order to obtain more information. In some jurisdictions there are Company Profiles instead of company reports. Company Profiles have less information compared to Company Reports. Click on "Reports" section to see a list of available reports.

2 - Select a company report type

Dato Capital Company Profile Page Dato Capital Company Profile Page

Choose the desired company report type and click on its name or the Adobe PDF icon

The next page is the payment page where the company report contents are displayed along with its cost and estimated delivery time.

How to download a Director Report

1 - Find the person of your interest

From the start page of Dato Capital, click in the country where the director has its main business activity. If the person has activity in many countries you can search directly from the homepage and filter results later. At the director profile you'll have the choice of a report for one country, or an international report including all the countries.

Dato Capital Homepage Dato Capital Homepage

When you access the country page type in the first and last name of the person in the search box. If there are variations on the first and/or middle name type just the last name

Dato Capital Country Page Dato Capital Country Page

Press Enter or click in the "Search" button to go to the results page. In the list of results, click the name of the desired person. If there are many results in different countries use the country dropdown list to filter the results. In case you haven't found the person you are looking for, or if there are no results, try to type only the first last name, or the first birth name if it's a composite one. You can contact us and we'll help you find the person.

Dato Capital Director Search Results Dato Capital Director Search Results

When you click in the name of the director, you'll enter in his/her profile. At the profile page, basic data are shown, with a summary of the business activity. There are different reports available in order to access details of the appointments of this person in one or more companies. Click on "Reports" section to see a list of available reports.

2 - Choose a Director Report type

Dato Capital Director Profile Dato Capital Director Profile

Click on the report name of your choice or in the Adobe PDF icon.

In the next step you will access the payment page where a summary of the content of the director report is shown along with its price and estimated delivery time.

Are the company documents translated?

The reports are delivered in the language of the website and company documents are translated if they are in electronic format. Original scanned documents are not translated unless specifically stated. Translations of original documents have to be done manually and we don't offer this service. In case of financial statements we can help with the translation of the figures with special guidelines. Please contact us for details.

How long does it take to download a report?

Delivery time is stated in the checkout page. Most of the reports are delivered in less than 10 minutes. In some cases it can take up to one hour and there are special reports and profiles that are delivered within 48 business hours.

I only have a purchase code. How can I download the report?

Please enter the following URL in your browser: https://en.datocapital.com/Results/ABCDEF where ABCDEF is your purchase code

How to pay

The payment page shows a summary of the report contents, delivery time and price

To complete the purchase you only need to enter payment details and email address.

You can also request an invoice clicking the "Generate invoice" checkbox. Regardless of the invoice, a receipt is always sent by email.

Dato Capital Payment Page Dato Capital Payment Page

Payment methods

Credit Card (default)

The secure credit card payment is done through Stripe, one of the most secure and reputable payment processors in the world. We don't store your credit card details, these are encrypted and sent to the payment processor which also has strong security mechanisms to store credit card data. For more information you can visit the credit card security at their website.

In case you run into any issues with your credit card payment, you can use PayPal payment method alternatively. PayPal also admits secure payment with your credit card, even if you don't have a PayPal account.


PayPal payment is completely secure and fast, either if you have a PayPal account or not, you can use many kinds of credit cards.

Report download

Once the payment method is selected, enter your email and confirm it. This step is very important, because the email is the only way we have to contact you in case of any problem. You can choose to create an account at this step in order to obtain a discounted price or the report for free as part of a subscription plan.

If you need an invoice, check the "Generate Invoice" checkbox. In case you don't check the field, a purchase receipt will be sent anyway

Finally, at the results screen, the requested report will appear, with a progress bar showing the completion of the report. Depending on many technical factors and the server load, delivery time can vary slightly. The progress bar may stop at any amount and it doesn't mean the progress is stopped, only that the system is processing large amounts of data.

When the payment is completed, the purchase receipt / invoice will be sent to your email address. If this email doesn't arrive after a few minutes, please check your Junk and Spam mail folders.

Dato Capital Results Page Dato Capital Results Page

After the report is finished, an automatic download will start and a link will appear for downloading the file. The report will be sent to your email address as well. As with the invoice / receipt, if you can't find the email in your Inbox, please check your Junk or Spam mail folders.

You can contact us anytime.

I have a problem with a payment

When a payment is completed a receipt is sent immediately to your email address. If you think you have completed a payment but you haven't received the receipt it's likely that the payment wasn't completed.

Our transactions are always labelled as "DATO CAPITAL" in bank statements. If you have doubts about a transaction in your bank statement please make sure it shows "DATO CAPITAL" in the reference before contacting us

We try to be accurate with report delivery time but it sometimes take longer than expected. Some large reports (more than 10mb) can take up to one hour to be delivered in extreme cases.

If you have any problems with a payment, please write us at info@datocapital.com and attach the receipt or Bank/PayPal statement in order to find your transaction

I want to remove my name, personal data or company from Dato Capital

In general we don't remove any information from our website. We don't show personal data such as a private addresses or personal phone numbers. What we show is public information of the business scope. This information is public either it's shown in a public website or a private website like Dato Capital. There are no privacy rights for public information and we check carefully every single Data Protection Act for the countries we have in our database. For more information check our legal information section

Our database is an accurate repository of official information around the world and it's used by governments, security forces and other high profile organizations that rely on our integrity as corporate information provider. So we cannot alter the data or allow users to remove records at their own discretion. If the data is removed or updated at the source, we'll reflect that change in our system. That applies to active companies and directors but also specially to dissolved companies and resigned directors. Most of the corporate investigations around the world involve dissolved companies. We keep record of every request for hiding companies or directors for security purposes because it may be requested by investigators as it's considered suspicious.

If you still want to request an opt-out please visit this section.

If you don't want your name to appear in search engine searches please contact the search engines and discuss solutions with them

Some data is wrong

We do our best to display updated information but if you find outdated or incorrect data please contact us at info@datocapital.com attaching the official updated information and we'll review it.

What does a Cayman Islands Company Profile include? Does it list directors and/or shareholders?

A Cayman Islands Company Profile checks the existence of the company and lists current status, company number, type of company, registered address and office, date and place of incorporation. Neither directors nor shareholders are listed. It's mainly used for checking the company actually exists and is active before doing any business with it. There is no further information that can be obtained for a Cayman Islands company except by court, the company itself or its registered agent.

What does a British Virgin Islands Company Profile include? Does it list directors and/or shareholders?

A British Virgin Islands Company Profile performs a check for the existence of the company and lists current status, list of filed documents, company number, type of company, registered address and office, share information, previous names, date and place of incorporation and registered agent contact details. Neither directors nor shareholders are listed. Any of the filed documents can be requested separately to obtain additional information about the company, however director and shareholder information is very difficult to obtain except in special cases.

Do Panama company reports contain financial statements or beneficial owners?

Few Panama companies file financial statements so they are not included but in very special cases. Information about beneficial owners of Panama companies is available only if it's included in the official company deeds.

Do Spain company reports contain shareholder information?

Shareholder information for Spanish companies is not available except for sole shareholder companies and special cases when subsidiaries are involved and/or it's a large company.

Do Netherlands company reports contain shareholder information?

Shareholder information for Netherlands companies is only available when there is only one shareholder (100% ownership)

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