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13/04/2017Info Today, Inc.Dato Capital Launches Tool for Finding Company Information
24/03/2017Spanish Government Observatory of TelecommunicationsDato Capital featured as success story in the Characterization of the Infomediary Sector Report 2016 (page 34)
16/03/2017Press Release: First tool for extracting company informationDato Capital Announces First Tool for Extracting Company Information from Documents
24/10/2016Spanish Government Open Data PortalDato Capital featured in the top Open Data Applications in the Spanish Government Open Data Portal
23/09/2016Spanish Government Open Data PortalInterview with Dato Capital in the Spanish Government Open Data Portal
05/05/2016El MundoThe business of non-trusting
18/04/2016Economia DigitalAndorra extradites the man who knows everything about Pujol Jr and Panama
17/04/2016CordopolisA son of Gomez established a company in Panama one month after operation "Malaya"
15/04/2016Think SpainIndustry minister Soria resigns over Panamá leaks
14/04/2016La ProvinciaSoria had a company in Jersey tax haven until 2002
14/04/2016Canarias 7A new document makes things more complicated for Soria
14/04/2016Cadena SerMossack Fonseca is related to the Jersey company that was administrated by Soria minister
14/04/201620 MinutosThe Soria-Bahamas connection: a company in Jersey linked to the family business
14/04/2016El MundoThe minister Soria had another company in Jersey tax haven
12/04/2016El ConfidencialOffshore, Falciani List, Andorra and Panama, the tax evasion axis
22/03/2016El PaisThe mirage of the salmons in Zamora
16/03/2016La DefensaThe "deputy mayor" has an offshore company in Panama
27/01/2016El Mundo, SpainThe brick and mortar hangover: rich and poor, a continued gap in Spain
26/01/2016El Mundo, SpainThe elusive money trail
03/12/2015El Mundo, SpainSICAV companies, for a fistful of votes
18/11/2015El ConfidencialThe Orleans-Borbon, a royal saga with tentacles in tax havens
27/10/2015El Mundo, SpainGrifols' unpatriotric blood
07/10/2015El Mundo, SpainRicardo Portabella's Plan B
09/09/2015NovobriefBarcelona-based gaming startup Akamon to be acquired for $25 million
08/08/2015El MundoDel Pino Family Companies (Ferrovial)
14/07/2015El PaisThe Big Brother of Business: Infomediary Companies
17/06/2015GigamirWhat does the "Right to be Forgotten"?
15/06/2015NovobriefMartin Varsavsky steps down as CEO of Fon, names Alex Puregger (COO) as his successor
26/04/2015El ConfidencialEx-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato appointed his right hand man as director in his British company
04/03/2015Fintech ProfileDato Capital at FinTech Profile
19/01/2015Wall Street JournalSome Things Should Not Be "Forgotten" (The risks of the "Right to be Forgotten" for investors, featuring Dato Capital)
31/12/2014El Mundo, SpainThe 200 Largest Fortunes of Spain (print edition in Spanish)
25/11/2014El Mundo, SpainThe SICAV (ICVC) companies speak
18/11/2014El Mundo, SpainThe Leopoldo Fernández Pujals Legacy
17/11/2014BolsamaniaThe clash between the Right to be Forgotten and the Right to Information
21/10/2014Fortune MagazineCompany directors are deep-sixing Google links citing ‘right to be forgotten’
09/09/2014El Mundo, SpainThe most discreet Basque
31/07/2014Bridging and CommercialDisgraced property solicitor banned
24/06/2014Bridging and CommercialProperty firm collapses into administration
12/06/2014El ConfidencialPrivate schools get better scores in SAT tests
04/06/2014Valencia PlazaSan Vicente, the street with more companies in Valencia
03/06/2014El Mundo, SpainAfter the trail of Enrique Bañuelos
25/05/2014Valencia PlazaLogtrust, Vizzuality, Big Data is coming
08/03/2014El ConfidencialCrisis stops gender equality
03/03/2014El ConfidencialLess bureaucracy, less taxes, UK companies founded by spaniards soar
20/01/2014El ConfidencialThe shelf companies business
13/01/2014El ConfidencialThe business of the other twenty Bourbons
04/04/2011El ConfidencialEntrepreneurs - Dato Capital

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