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Legal Information

Legal Information and Regulations

This website does not show personal data. Names of directors appear because their business relationship with one or more companies and therefore it's considered business data rather than personal data by all data protection acts. Data about companies and directors shown in this website comes from hundreds of data sources (public records unless otherwise specified). As we collect data from public records, in order to modify or remove any data, it must be requested at the source first. We comply with all current legislations worlwide, as we have several governments as clients. Depending on the country different regulations may apply. Please check the relevant section of your interest in the country of incorporation of the company or main country of activity of the director.

 United Kingdom

All the company and director data of the United Kingdom shown in Dato Capital website is under the Freedom Of Information Act 2000, because everything is official information from official sources. Company and director data are not under the Data Protection Act.

Since this information is in the public domain, we can't remove or update it unless is removed or updated at the source. In the United Kingdom, the primary source is the Companies House. If you find any outdated information about a company, you can use the "Update Information" link, or contact us and we will update it to include the latest record information.


Gibraltar company data shown at Dato Capital are public information not under the Gibraltar Data Protection Act

 British Virgin Islands

Data about British Virgin Islands companies shown in Dato Capital does not come from sources located in the British Virgin Islands so there is no applicable law. Sources of data are propietary.

 Cayman Islands

All the company data of the Cayman Islands shown in Dato Capital website is under the Freedom Of Information Law 2007


Company executives and their appointments in companies, are not affected by General Data Protection Regulation or Spanish Personal Data Protection Law (article 2). The sources of the data are official publications, and the names do not identify the persons in a unique way. The names are reproduced as they appear in the official sources. The appointments and jobs refer only to duties as officers of companies and not to other contractual relationships with the companies. These data are computed using the latest information available in our databases, and may not state old information prior to our stored data. The information about the executives is related to their officer responsibility in one or more companies, so this information can only be used in the context of the company or companies that they represent.

European Commission GDPR information


Panama company data, and data about resident agents, attorneys, directors, subscribers, etc.. come from public information sources and apply only to the business context of the mentioned people, therefore are not considered personal data under Panamanian Data Protection Law. This information is under the Article 2 of the Law 6 of the Republic of Panama (Transparency Law of 2002), which sets the free access to information stored by public organizations.


All company and director data about Luxembourg in this website is not governed by the Luxembourg Personal Data Protection law because of article 3-2, since the controller is not established in Luxembourg and the controller does not use resources situated in Luxembourg territory.


The names of directors shown in this website are not personal data according to the Netherlands Data Protection Act because it's out of scope:

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