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As a worldwide provider of business and financial information, security is one of our top priorities. We process millions of company and director data every day and we appreciate the time and effort of security researchers all around the world submitting security reports about Dato Capital.


Hall of Fame

We want to thank the following security experts for their contributions and knowledge. Thanks to them, Dato Capital is one of the safest business information websites in the world.

Security Researcher Date
Cameron Dawe2019-03-05 10:38:51
Pal Patel2017-06-28 21:01:36
Vikash Chaudhary2017-06-12 10:06:51
Vasim Shaikh2017-03-06 15:39:50
Wai Yan Aung2016-09-02 20:49:38
AbedAlqader Swedan2016-07-16 12:07:33
Mohd Aqeel Ahmed2016-06-28 18:53:33
Zeel Chavda2016-06-27 20:40:41
Kaushik Roy2016-06-17 20:35:58
Udit Gupta2016-06-09 22:55:50
Oladigbolu, Shuaib Abidemi2016-06-09 18:21:22
Russel Van Laurio (Jake,Paul,Racel)2016-06-08 13:37:20
Arbin Godar2016-06-07 14:16:34
Ahmed Adel Abdelfattah2016-06-07 13:36:29
Alec Blance2016-06-07 13:35:34
Muhammad Amr Nasef2016-06-07 01:48:39
Mubassir Kamdar2016-06-06 22:25:51
Sumit Sahoo2016-06-06 19:59:56
Mansoor Gilal2016-06-06 15:47:58
Shawar Khan2016-05-27 16:17:14
Osanda Malith Jayathissa2016-05-27 00:28:52
Jose Pino2016-05-22 22:58:07
Muhammad Shahzaib2016-05-22 22:12:01
Kamran Saifullah ( Ch Mansab Ali )2016-05-22 00:04:17
Ahsan Tahir (3 contributions)2016-05-21 15:26:30
Jubaer Al Nazi2016-05-21 15:26:08
Muhammad Uwais (2 contributions)2016-05-20 22:10:00
Jay Patel2015-07-24 01:23:12
Ramin Farajpour Cami2015-07-23 09:56:08
Indrajith.AN2015-05-05 21:54:18
Raghav Bisht2015-04-24 14:09:46
Ala Arfaoui2015-04-02 23:02:33
Jonathan Conerly2015-03-06 14:47:26
Roman Mironov2014-12-14 21:29:00
Ahmed Jerbi(Web Plus)2014-11-05 11:41:36
Vivek Gurung2014-10-16 05:59:16
Garry Bacalso (3 contributions)2014-10-13 10:44:00
Abbassi Ahmed Jalal2014-10-10 19:10:33
Justine Edic2014-10-09 15:35:54
Nitin Goplani2014-10-08 06:19:19
Mohammed Abdulqader Al-saggaf2014-09-22 22:09:12
Artur Worthington2014-09-21 20:05:02
Abdul Haq Khokhar2014-09-17 20:44:59

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