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Includes original incorporation documents, complete list of filed documents, full registry information with complete list of directors and secretaries, addresses and available phone numbers. plus information about these directors and secretaries in other companies



Xcel Nutra Private Limited Company

Company type

Private Limited Company, Active

Official Address

15 Bromet Close Nascot Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Postal Code

WD174LP  More information about the postal code WD174LP



The business entity Xcel Nutra Limited, incorporated in United Kingdom, with "private limited company" as business entity type, is a company in the post code WD174LP, having two filed documents at Companies House and with address for tax purpose in the Bromet Close close of Nascotthe district of Watford. We have information about 1 current position. This business company was formed by one Director (a man) when it was incorporated and was queried lately two hundred sixty nine times in the last year and two hundred thirty six times in the last eight months from eight different countries.

Publication date Download link

An appointment of one Director (a man) to its board

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Extended Company Report

It includes:

  • The original incorporation documents

  • Complete list of directors and secretaries, and other appointments

  • Complete list of inscribed acts and filed documents since the incorporation, current addresses

  • More than one inscribed filings like

    • Appointments of Xcel Nutra Limited in the summer of of 2013

    • New Incorporation Documents of Xcel Nutra Limited in the summer of of 2013

  • One address of Xcel Nutra

  • Dedicated Customer Support service for answering questions and related subjects to the report, by e-mail

  • History of appointments and positions of the administrators and executives of XCEL NUTRA LIMITED in other companies

  • Information and data about 1 Executive in 6 Companies related

  • Six companies of Hertfordshire (United Kingdom)

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