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World Fulfillment Services Ltd



World Fulfillment Services Private Limited Company

Company type

Private Limited Company, Active

Official Address

Sovereign Court 230 Upper Fifth Street Central Milton Keynes Bucks Campbell Park Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

Postal Code

MK92HR  More information about the postal code MK9 2HR



The business entity called World Fulfillment Services Limited, is a company whose main activity is in the country of United Kingdom, and the county of Milton Keynes, England, based in Campbell Park in the Sovereign Court court, in the postal code MK9 2HR, with three filed documents at Companies House and incorporated as a "private limited company" type. We have information about 1 current appointment. This company had a team with one Director (a man) when it was formed and has been accessed recently forty times in the last year, fifteen times in the last five months and six times in the last three weeks from five different countries.

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Return of allotment of shares (form SH01)

The appointment of one Director (a man) was announced

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