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World Fulfillment Services Limited


Extended Company Report

WORLD FULFILLMENT SERVICES LIMITED Extended Company Report PDF Download extended company report for World Fulfillment Services Ltd (United Kingdom)

  • original incorporation documents
  • complete list of filed documents
  • full registry information with complete list of directors and secretaries, addresses and available company phone numbers
  • information about these directors and secretaries in other companies



World Fulfillment Services Private Limited Company

Company type

Private Limited Company, Active

Official Address

Sovereign Court 230 Upper Fifth Street Central Milton Keynes Bucks Mk92hr Campbell Park Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

Postal Code

MK92HR  More information about the postal code MK9 2HR


support, service



The company called World Fulfillment Services Limited, with "private limited company" as business entity type, with address in the Sovereign Court court of Campbell Park, of the other business support service activities n.e.c. sector, is a business entity in the postal code MK9 2HR, having six filed documents at Companies House and incorporated in United Kingdom, the county of Milton Keynes, England. We have information about 1 current position. This company has been visited lately one time in the last year from one country.

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Company Reports

Extended Company Report

It includes:

  • The original incorporation documents

  • Complete list of directors and secretaries, and other appointments

  • Complete list of inscribed acts and filed documents since the incorporation, current addresses

  • More than two inscribed filings like

    • Company Name Change of World Fulfillment Services Limited in the winter of of 2015

    • Annual Return of World Fulfillment Services Limited in the winter of of 2015

    • Change Of Name Certificate of World Fulfillment Services Limited in the winter of of 2015

  • Dedicated Customer Support service for answering questions and related subjects to the report, by e-mail

  • History of appointments and positions of the directors and officers of WORLD FULFILLMENT SERVICES LIMITED in other companies

  • Information and data about 1 Executive in 1 Company related

  • One company of Milton Keynes (United Kingdom)

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