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Company Report with Debt Check (RAI)

ELECTROMECANICA ELMEC S.A. Company Report with Debt Check (RAI) PDF Download company report for ELECTROMECANICA ELMEC SA (Spain)

It includes
  • complete register information of the company, full list of filings since the incorporation, list of tax records for appearance (since 2011)
  • debt check in the bank risk file RAI
  • VAT number and capital stock
  • constitution, appointments, administrators, directors, audit companies
  • list of .es domains owned by the company
  • data protection files registered at the Data Protection Agency
  • current addresses and phone numbers.

VAT Number VAT Number of Electromecanica Elmec S.A.



Electromecanica Elmec Sociedad Anónima

Company type

Sociedad Anónima (Public Limited Company), Dissolved company

Information source Trade Register Barcelona Gran Vía Les Corts Catalanes, 184

manufacture, electric, appliance



The corporation with name Electromecanica Elmec S.A., registered in the Barcelona company register, incorporated as a "sociedad anónima" type, whose main activity is in the country of Spain, and the province of Barcelona, Catalonia, is an organization dedicated to manufacture of electric appliances. This company was queried lately twelve times in the last year, five times in the last five months and one time in the last week from five different countries.

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Company Reports

Company Report with Debt Check (RAI)

It includes:

  • Full national registry information about ELECTROMECANICA ELMEC S.A.
  • debt check in the bank risk file RAI


  • Full list of registry acts since the incorporation, constitution, appointments, directors, administrators, audit companies, current addresses, , and other interesting information.

  • Lista of .es domains owned by ELECTROMECANICA ELMEC S.A.

  • List of personal data protection files registered at the Data Protection Agency

  • Tax record information (notified for appearance): record types, codes, and data about the responsible tax unit for each record

  • Dedicated Customer Support service for answering questions and related subjects to the report, by e-mail

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