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BAR QUINTANA Civil Company

VAT Number VAT Number of Bar Quintana S.C.P.


Company type

Sociedad Civil (Civil Company)

VAT Number (CIF)


Official Address

Gonzalez Solesio 6 Súria 08260

There are 6 companies registered at this street
Postal Code


Phone number 938695817



The business entity called Bar Quintana S.C.P., incorporated in Spain, with legal inscription in Trade Register of Barcelona, is a business entity with tax residence in the Gonzalez Solesio street of Súria, in the postal code 08260 and of type "civil company". The business company has been accessed recently seven times in the last three years and two times in the last four months from three different countries.

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Phone numbers

Súria, Barcelona

Gonzalez Solesio 6 (08260): 

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