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The andalusian company with name Turbas y Sustratos Kaper S.L.U., with "sociedad limitada unipersonal" as company type, with legal inscription in the trade register of Almería, with activities in city the Portañola street of El Ejido, whose main activity is in the country of Spain, and the province of Almeria, Andalusia, is an organization at the zip code 04711, This business was queried recently twenty times in the last year and eleven times in the last ten months from nine different countries


Turbas y Sustratos Kaper Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal (Unipersonal Limited Company)

The province Almeria, Andalusia, Spain
Official Address

Portañola 78 El Ejido 04711, Andalusia, Spain

Postal Code

04711  More information about the postal code 04711

Phone number 950609412,

VAT Number VAT Number of Turbas y Sustratos Kaper S.L.U.
Company Report

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It includes complete register information of the company, VAT number, capital stock, full list of register acts since the incorporation, constitution, appointments, administrators, directors, audit companies, current addresses and phone numbers, and other information.

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Company reports for Turbas y Sustratos Kaper S.L.U

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Company Report

It includes:

  • National registry information about Turbas y Sustratos Kaper

  • VAT number of Turbas y Sustratos Kaper

  • Capital stock of Turbas y Sustratos Kaper Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal

  • Full list of inscribed acts since the incorporation

  • Inscribed events like constitution, administrators, audit companies

  • One address of Turbas y Sustratos Kaper

  • One phone number of Turbas y Sustratos Kaper

  • And other interesting information.

  • Premium personal Customer Support service for answering questions and related subjects to the report, by e-mail

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