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The valencian business entity Quimicas Sanz S.L., is a corporation with address in the La Sierra way of Elche - Elx, belonging to the area of the postal code 3370, with Alicante as trade register, whose main activity is in the country of Spain, and the province of Alicante, Comunitat Valenciana, of the manufacture of glues and gelatine sector and with "sociedad limitada" as company type, This business company has been accessed lately three times in the last year from two different countries


Quimicas Sanz Sociedad Limitada (Limited Partnership)

Company type

Sociedad Limitada, Extinguished company

The province Alicante, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain
Official Address

Pgo De Vizcarra Nav 17 Elche 3370 (Elche/Elx), Comunitat Valenciana, Spain

Postal Code

03370  More information about the postal code 03370

Phone number 941382308,

, Fax: 965420682

manufacture, glove, adhesive, queue, natural

VAT Number VAT Number of Quimicas Sanz S.L.
Company Report

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It includes complete register information of the company, VAT number, capital stock, full list of register acts since the incorporation, constitution, appointments, administrators, directors, audit companies, current addresses and phone numbers, and other information.

Extended Company Report

Download extended company report for QUIMICAS SANZ S.L.

This unique report includes all the information of the Company Report plus the history of appointments of the executives of QUIMICAS SANZ SOCIEDAD LIMITADA in other companies

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News from Quimicas Sanz

(Thursday, October 3, 2013 - Monday, December 13, 2010)

As has been announced in ads that appear in official publications the organization called Quimicas Sanz S.L. on date Wednesday, September 25, 2013 in the province of Alicante, Comunitat Valenciana announces the resign of three Representatives (three men) and two Joint and Several Representatives (two men) in their agents and managers. Below we show the list of the five persons and the two positions that were made public on Thursday, October 3, 2013... 5 new resignations of 3 Representatives and 2 Joint and Several Representatives 3 Representatives and 2 Joint and Several Representatives resignation at the board and administrators of the organization Quimicas Sanz S.L.

According to advertisements published by the official records in the area of the province of Alicante, Comunitat Valenciana taking place on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 announces resignation of one Sole Administrator (a man) in the management structure. There is a detailed listing of the referred person and the appointment that were made public on Thursday, October 3, 2013... The company Quimicas Sanz Sl announces the resignation of a man as Sole Administrator

According to official records the corporation with name Quimicas Sanz S.L. dated Monday, November 29, 2010 in the province of Alicante agree recurrent designation of managers in its management structure. Can see the specific list of people and their functions which were published on Monday, December 13, 2010... Reappointments announced at the administrators of the company Quimicas Sanz Sl

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Company reports for Quimicas Sanz SL

We have two reports available for the company Quimicas Sanz

Company Report

It includes:

  • National registry information about Quimicas Sanz

  • VAT number of Quimicas Sanz

  • Capital stock of Quimicas Sanz Sociedad Limitada

  • Full list of inscribed acts since the incorporation

  • More than ten inscribed events like

    • Separations / Resignations (Ceses/Dimisiones) of Quimicas Sanz S.L. in the autumn of of 2013

    • Dissolution (Disolución) of Quimicas Sanz S.L. in the autumn of of 2013

    • Extinction (Extinción) of Quimicas Sanz S.L. in the autumn of of 2013

    • Reelection (Reelecciones) of Quimicas Sanz S.L. in the autumn of of 2010

    • Repeals (Revocaciones) of Quimicas Sanz S.L. in the autumn of of 2013

  • One address of Quimicas Sanz

  • One phone number of Quimicas Sanz

  • And other interesting information.

  • Premium personal Customer Support service for answering questions and related subjects to the report, by e-mail

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Extended Company Report

It includes:

  • All the information included in the Company Report for Quimicas Sanz

  • The history of appointments of the five officers and executives of Quimicas Sanz in thirty two Companies apart from Quimicas Sanz, in the last years (Dato Capital exclusive product)

  • Thirty One companies of Alicante (Spain) related with rehabilitation, non-financial, construction, development, facilities, brokerage and sealants

  • One company of Valencia (Spain) related with manufacture and furniture

  • Information and data about 5 Directors in 1 Company related

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